Tea Wallet

Tea wallet gift for my friend

I have a friend in Winnipeg who I used to go out for tea with pretty much every week. I miss her a ton, and she just started school not too long ago, so when I saw this tea wallet tutorial online , I knew I def had to make her one. ┬áNow she can throw this handy little contraption into her bag and enjoy tea anywhere, including school. The Elvis material is a little boyish, but I think the gold inside makes a perfect contrast. I’m pretty excited at how it turned out, and the bow makes it look even more girly and festive.
I think I might make one for myself too!

I tweaked this one slightly, but the tutorial for it is found righta here:


….a few more pics…

This is it folded up WITH the tea and stuff inside of it, so bulk wise it’s fairly compact

I only put tea and sugar in it, but there’s definitely more space for creamers or coffeemate packages (which would probably fit better) and stir sticks or whatever else

stealthy Elvis print

I used a snap closure to fasten it, but if I remade it I think velcro would be a lot more efficient/ button-falling-off proof.

Peace out :-),